Yeditepe Organic Agriculture Food Limited Company started as a marketing company in 2003.

Our founder’s aim is to introduce the mediterranean cuisine’s unique taste of sun dried tomatoes which is not commonly known in Turkey but is known by the whole world.

When the marketing activities increased in Turkey, in 2008, Yeditepe Organic keep its business by restructuring as a manufacturer company.

Additionally , the company introduced Yeditepe Organic, which is the trademark of sun dried tomatoes in Turkey, to the world, as an exporter.

OUR DIFFERENCE: In our own country sun dried tomatoes in respect to other companies which are not export companies have sold their produce within the country. In 2008 we started to export. Our company Yeditepe is predominant in the field of sun dried tomatoes.

OUR INTENTIONS: We produce sun dried tomatoes under the BRC quality insurance system and with a sensitivity that we the preparing them for our own children. We love our business and this is the essence of our approach to quality. The quality level we have reached in Turkey makes us want the whole world to taste our products. Our aim is to be succesful, to taste the pleasure of making a good product and sharing this with all of our customers in a healthy and natural world.

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